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Our Vision

Share the joy and health with global family. LETUO pride ourselves on being able to offer the latest design in tv wall mount, projector mount, and speaker stand. LETUO offers a full line of audio&video mount and stand, styles and materials including steel, stainless steel and aluminum.

Join with us! We produce the most cost-effective products, support you to occupy your local market.

Our History

LETUO based on Changhong Group, which is one of the most famous TV brand in China. LETUO started from 2008, specialized in flat pannel TV accessories. At year of 2013, we started open our productivity for global brand, we provide service OEM/ODM for Xiaomi, LeTV and so on.

Meet Our Team

After working for Changhong many years, our team was chosen to started cross-boarder e-commerce business, we started from 3 persons.

So far, we have 3 engineer, and 6 sales team. Wish we can provide you best product, become your marketing assistant.

Cao Ming

Founder & Product Manager

Good products are the balance of market and technology.


Robin Luo


Word of mouth is the oldest but most permanent form of marketing , because it best mach the value of the manufacturer and product.


Ivy Zhou

VP & Account Director

Customer satisfaction is the most effective way to increase market share.

Global Dealer Grown Plan

If you run your own appliances store, join our "Global Dealer  Grown Plan" ,  we can provide you sample for free. Analyse your market and provide you with plans to expand the market.