The Three Design Trends of TV Mount: Slim, Low Profile, multi angle

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The Three Design Trends of TV Mount: Slim, Low Profile, multi angle

Global television has entered the LED era, the old CRT TV, LCD TV (CCFL) has been gradually replaced. The new TV, represented by Samsung QLED TV and LG OLED TV,  production capacity has gradually expanded, the cost is showing a downward trend. In addition, the Frame Television also gradually becomes the high-end family living room mainstream product. Television changes will inevitably lead to changes in the television stand.


At present, the types of TV pylons are mainly sold:
Fixed TV mount: composed of two parts, plate and hanger. The separation plate has been eliminated by market, because of the inconvenient of installation.
Tilt TV bracket: the Plate part is the same as the fixed hanger. The hanger part adds rotating or supporting parts, which can realize 15 degrees or -15 degrees tilt.
Full motion TV Mount: it is mainly composed of three types, single arm, dual arm and gas spring. The gas spring TV mount is mainly used in conference room, few household use, because it occupies too much space on the wall. Single arm and arms, home and commercial most, is currently the most important selling products Amazon, double arm hanger due to the more stable characteristics, more consumers accepted.
TV base: it consists of two parts: base and hanger. Some can rotate left and right. The main function is to make up for the lack of soundbar blocking the TV screen.
TV trolley: usually used for commercial presentations, such as conference rooms, classrooms, exhibitions and other scenes.


2017-2018 television will enter the fourth era, that is, OLED and QLED era, the design trend of the TV Mount is mainly the direction of ultra-thin, low profile, multi angle. A good TV rack, what time should it make:
1. Thinner design, integrated with OLED/QLED’s slim design. In television, the background wall takes up less space. It is better not to punch holes or less holes. Make TV easier to install.
2. Multi angle, to meet the consumer sitting on the floor, sitting on the sofa to watch the angle, while taking into account the best angle for each family members to watch.
3. More intelligent, Future Automation in the electric motor support has been walking in the forefront of the world, they design TV rack and smart home very good blend together. Good compatibility with control4, CRESTRON, AMX Home Furnishing intelligent control center, in addition, a new intelligent Home Furnishing platform Microsoft, Apple, Google company has gradually developed, new WiFi technology is likely to replace the existing ZigBee technology.


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